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We want to see a new generation of early learning teachers and leaders who are respected and valued for their role in helping all Australian children flourish in school, work and through life.

+ Why we are here

Future Tracks was developed in response to a clear need – to address the shortfall of early childhood teachers and provide strong foundations for young children so they have the best chance to thrive now and in the future.

+ How Future Tracks works

Working in collaboration with Australian universities and state governments, Future Tracks has designed a program to achieve three important aims.

A new offer to attract young people

Future Tracks’ program elements make early childhood teaching an attractive career choice for young people of all genders and cultures.

The value proposition includes:

  • A range of career pathways from teaching to policy and entrepreneurship
  • A career that is future-proof because it is increasingly in demand
  • Paid experience working in an early learning centre – ‘earn while you learn’
  • Mentoring and leadership focus areas to equip students with the skills they need to navigate their career paths.

New, recognised and future-proof career pathways

Future Tracks is developing enhanced industry qualifications and creating recognised and rewarding career pathways for early childhood teachers.

On graduation, Future Tracks professionals will be well-placed to work in leadership roles across a range of settings.

Awareness and capacity building in early learning settings

An important aspect of Future Tracks is ensuring professionals working within early learning settings feel empowered through partnerships and alliances with schools, universities, government and business partners. This enables the early learning and care sector to continue to thrive and grow as the workforce increases.

Meet the people who create the change

Find out more about what early childhood teachers do - it’s a career that’s growing and changing!