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A bachelor degree in Early Childhood Education is an investment in a better future for you and Australia’s children.

Not only will you enhance your career prospects, but you will further the development of children’s skills, laying the foundation for a successful life of learning.

Gaining a qualification in early childhood teaching enables you to build on and deepen your knowledge on cognitive, social and emotional development in children. It also strengthens your ability to deliver learning programs that promote children’s development, and how to support and enhance transition to primary school.

In addition to improving your own skills and knowledge, early childhood teaching is a qualification that’s in demand. The Commonwealth Government predicts Australia will need an additional 29,000 early childhood teachers by 2023.

Are you thinking of upskilling? Then Future Tracks wants to hear from you. We are inviting diploma-trained early childhood educators to apply for a high-quality program that supports you to get your qualification. The Future Tracks upskill program is currently offered in partnership with La Trobe University.

What we offer:

Information on study options – including information on course offerings, when to apply and how to ask for credit

Mentoring – we’ll match you with an excellent, experienced early childhood teacher who can mentor you as you grow from educator to teacher through your study

Leadership skills – you’ll have access to a leadership program to help you advance in your career

What career paths are available as a teacher?

As your skills grow, so do your career options. You can follow a range of career pathways including early childhood teaching, leadership roles or even policy work.

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What do early childhood teachers do that is different?

Early childhood teachers have particular skills in helping children reach their full potential. They have a four-year university qualification in early childhood teaching or a dual qualification in early childhood and primary teaching.


Early childhood teachers working in early learning services:

• Support children by delivering high-quality learning using a variety of approaches, including play-based and intentional learning pedagogies
• Have a deep and concentrated understanding about cognitive, social and emotional development in the first five years of a child’s life
• Promote children’s learning through developing and delivering learning experiences that increase their positive sense of identity, wellbeing and sense of place in community
• Offer situated learning opportunities that allow children to transition to primary school with confidence and a thorough foundation for learning