Upskill Premium program

The Future Tracks Upskill Premium program has been designed for small-to-medium sized early childhood education and care providers who are looking to invest in their workforce and grow talent within their organisation.


Future Tracks works in partnership with early childhood providers and universities to provide tailored supports and upskilling opportunities for educators. These supports help to ensure success in navigating and completing a Bachelor of Early Childhood Education and stepping into an early childhood teacher (ECT) role.The Upskill Premium program will help you to develop a pool of talented and committed ECTs. By helping your staff develop their skills, you can not only meet the growing demand for bachelor qualified ECTs, but also ensure your services are able to offer the highest quality education and care to children and families.


 How it works


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A student’s first year costs $900. Subsequent years (2 and 3), the price is reduced to $600 per student.  



In the first year of the Upskill program, students will attend live support webinars at key stages of the Upskill journey, including the critical period of transitioning and adjusting to university and in the lead up to their first assignment.

Students will also be invited to live check-in webinars hosted by Future Tracks. These webinars aim to provide group-based support to students throughout the length of their degree – they are a place to ask questions, share experiences and access tailored advice.


Enrolment support

Upskill provides students with assistance around navigating the application processes and enrolment systems at universities, with access to key contacts at our partner universities for specialised support.



Upskill mentoring allows students to connect with a professional network of qualified, experienced teachers working in the sector. Mentors provide students with guidance as they navigate and develop their teaching identity. Students will be connected with mentoring groups within their organisation – an experienced ECT mentor and student peers, who are on the same study journey. Students can access up to six mentoring sessions per year – designed to provide support at peak stress periods. Mentors undergo Future Tracks mentoring training to prepare them for the role.


Access to sector news, PD and events

Being a part of the Upskill community means students will have access to the latest sector news and be the first to hear about upcoming events and professional development opportunities.


Future Tracks online community

The Future Tracks online community connects ECEC professionals with one another and provides them with a space to discuss, share, grow and learn. As part of the Upskill program, students will have access to discussion forums within their cohorts and be able to access Upskill resources and content within the resource library.


If you are interested in partnering with Future Tracks to deliver the Upskill program to your team, register your interest or contact us at