Upskill Personal program

For early childhood educators, a Bachelor’s degree is a vital investment in a better future for you and the children in your care.

Undertaking a degree deepens your understanding of the different skills, interests, opportunities and capabilities of children during their first five years. It strengthens your ability to deliver learning programs that will create positive opportunities for children, now and throughout life.

The Future Tracks Upskill Personal program has been designed specifically for early childhood educators who want to take the next step in their career by undertaking a Bachelor of Early Childhood Education.

Through our research and interaction with educators, we have come to understand the barriers that may make upskilling to a degree challenging for early childhood educators.

The Upskill program has been developed to address these barriers and provide you with the tools and support to be successful in undertaking a Bachelor of Early Childhood Education. We are here to help ensure you are equipped to manage work, personal life and study as you strive to level up in your career.

Why upskill?

Completing a Bachelor of Early Childhood Education and becoming an early childhood teacher (ECT) means you will receive a salary increase and additional classroom planning time. In addition, you will also significantly increase your career options and pathways.

Future Tracks will:

  • support you to make the transition to university study
  • help you gain confidence in your practice
  • provide you with access to exclusive leadership and professional development opportunities
  • connect you with a network of fellow early childhood educators and teachers.

Hear from our participants

How it works



For $300 per year, Upskill Personal gives you access to individual support to help you thrive throughout your degree and beyond.



As part of the Upskill personal tier, you will have exclusive access to the support webinars at key stages of the Upskill journey, including support for transitioning and adjusting to university.

You will also be invited to attend live check-in webinars hosted by Future Tracks for you and other students throughout the length of your degree. These webinars offer a place to ask questions, share your experience and access advice and support.


Enrolment support

Assistance with navigating the application processes and enrolment systems at universities, with special access to key contacts at our partner universities, for specialised support.



Upskill mentoring allows you to connect with a professional network of qualified, experienced teachers working in the sector, who can provide guidance as you develop your teaching identity, as well as student peers who are on the same study journey. You will have access to two group mentoring sessions per year.


Access to sector news, PD and events

Being a part of the Upskill community means you will have access to the latest sector news and be the first to hear about upcoming events and professional development opportunities.


The next steps!

  1. Register your interest for the Upskill program. Once you have done this, our team will be in touch via email to with your pre-enrolment guide and the Upskill application form.
  2. Review your Upskill pre-enrolment guide. This guide provides more information about the program, explains options for covering the cost of the Upskill program and accessing the FEE-HELP scheme, and answers a variety of frequently asked questions.
  3. Apply for the Upskill program! Tell us a bit more about yourself via the application form.
  4. The next step, if you are not already enrolled in a course, is to apply for the course (Bachelor of Early Childhood Education) at your chosen university.
  5. Should you need application and enrolment support, you can contact us at
  6. Once you are enrolled in your course and the Upskill program, you will have access to our online community. All Upskill resources will be stored (webinars and mentoring) in this online hub and you will be able to join a discussion forum with other students also accessing the Upskill program.