Enhance Your Qualification

Are you a diploma-trained early child educator looking to upgrade your qualifications, develop your career and boost your skills? Do you want access to the latest early childhood education insights, evidence and knowledge?

If you answered ‘yes’ to these questions, then the Future Tracks Upskill support program is for you. Our Upskill program is designed to help participants navigate an often confusing and challenging process as smoothly as possible. Our personalised approach ensures every student is best supported to balance the pressures of study, work and their personal lives.

A Bachelor’s degree with support from Future Tracks, will help you:

  • deepen your impact
  • unlock your potential
  • strengthen your career journey
  • gain new skills
  • think differently
  • influence and innovate.

Hear from our participants

The program provides:

  • information on study options and an understanding of the potential pathways for upskilling
  • support with the transition to university, and overcoming any barriers to study
  • leadership and professional development opportunities
  • access to peer-to-peer support
  • educational content relating to working with children who experience disadvantage and vulnerability
  • mentoring opportunities with colleagues in your organisation and external sector leaders, to support your evolution from educator to teacher


Why become a teacher?

The specialist skills of early childhood teachers are in high demand! Did you know the Commonwealth Government predicts Australia will need an additional 29,000 early childhood teachers by 2023?

Degree-holding educators are well-placed to secure jobs in a range of settings, thanks to the commitment they have demonstrated to delivering quality learning programs, designed to meet the needs of their communities.


Program tiers

Find out more about the three Upskill program tiers by clicking the links below. 

Personal program

Personal program

For early childhood educators who want to take the next step in their career by undertaking a Bachelor of Early Childhood Education.

Premium Program

Premium Program

For small-to-medium providers and supports up to 50 participants as they undertake a Bachelor of Early Childhood Education. 

Plus Program

Plus Program

For large providers looking to make a significant change across their workforce by supporting more than 50 educators to participate in the Upskill program.


Report: Upskilling in Early Childhood Education

Commissioned by Future Tracks and The Front Project, this piece of research shows there is a significant opportunity to upskill diploma-qualified educators to meet demand and improve quality in early learning centres.

The report Upskilling in Early Childhood Education highlights the real and perceived barriers educators experience in taking on bachelor-degree study.

It recommends a number of ways in which early childhood education providers, governments and universities can help educators to upskill.