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Report: Upskilling in Early Childhood Education

Commissioned by Future Tracks and The Front Project, this piece of research shows there is a significant opportunity to upskill diploma-qualified educators to meet demand and improve quality in early learning centres.

The report Upskilling in Early Childhood Education highlights the real and perceived barriers educators experience in taking on bachelor-degree study.

It recommends a number of ways in which early childhood education providers, governments and universities can help educators to upskill.

Recent Resources

Webinar: Engaging in a Socially Distant World - Staying Connected with Children and Families

In our new webinar, Future Tracks program manager Anita Weber chats to early childhood education experts Catherine Hamm (of La Trobe University) and Danielle Cogley (of Box Hill North Kindergarten) for a discussion on how teachers and educators have maintained key relationships with parents, carers, and children, in the face of challenges brought on by COVID-19. 

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Future Tracks Conversations: The Importance of Developing Relationships Between Parents and Educators

Why is it so important to build strong relationships between early childhood teachers and educators and the caregivers and families of children?

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The Value of Mentoring

It might look a little different compared to the start of this year, but it is more important than ever for early childhood teaching students to connect and share experiences and insights through mentoring.

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It’s Time for Some Good News

Here at Future Tracks, we are in awe of the amazing efforts of teachers and educators who are continuing to find ways to ensure children can learn and grow during COVID-19.

We wanted to help spread the good news by sharing some of the great resources that we've seen for parents and children over the past couple of weeks.

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O- Week 2020 Wrap Up

O Week was big for Future Tracks with visits to our partner universities to meet new early childhood teaching students! Thank you to all the amazing students we chatted to - your passion for the profession you are entering is inspiring, and we look forward to exploring the ways that we can help you spring in to the early learning sector!

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Future Tracks + Punkee Explore Early Childhood Teaching Careers!

The best way to find out what it's really like to teach young children is to hear from somebody who does it every day! We partnered with Punkee to get answers to some curly questions, and to find out more about careers in early childhood education.

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Five early childhood teaching myths BUSTED!

Early childhood teaching. Sounds fancy but what is it, actually? We crack down on some common misbeliefs in this rather unknown, yet rapidly growing area of education.

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Paving the way for the next generation

Did you know that in the first 1,000 days of our lives, over one million neural pathways (brain connections) are formed each second?

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