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We want to see a new generation of early learning teachers and leaders who are respected and valued for their role in helping all Australian children flourish in school, work and through life.

+ Why we are here

Future Tracks was developed in response to a clear need – to address the shortfall of early childhood teachers and provide strong foundations for young children so they have the best chance to thrive now and in the future.

+ Why Early Childhood Teaching

The first 1,000 days of life are critical for a child’s development. During this time, the brain is developing rapidly, forming around 2 million neural pathways every second! This speed of brain development is not seen at any other stage of life.

How children’s brains develop is driven in large part by ongoing, reciprocal, serve-and-return interactions with adults that literally build the architecture of children’s brains. So it is no wonder that children who have quality learning experiences in their early years are more likely to have positive lifetime outcomes. Research shows benefits in a variety of areas including education, employment, health and wellbeing.

Bachelor qualified early childhood teachers have a critical role to play in developing and supporting children during this crucial stage of development. High quality interactions with children can shape lives for the better.

+ What do Early Childhood Teachers do?

Early childhood teachers:

  • Design quality programs
  • Help children to develop the social and emotional, literacy and numeracy skills to support future learning and development
  • Support children to think outside the box through inquiry driven, play-based learning.

Early childhood teachers can also recognise when a child needs more support or encouragement in a specific area, either because they are struggling or because they need new challenges.

Currently 1 in 5 children are developmentally vulnerable when they start school. This means they have trouble regulating their emotions, forming relationships with other children and teachers, communicating their needs and ideas, or learning how to think about new things. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children have a higher risk of being vulnerable when they start school – almost double.

Early childhood teachers can make an impact on the lives of children and can be key to helping them stay on-track or get back on-track. They co-design programs with children and parents so that no two programs are alike. They think about a child’s individual needs and the needs of the group.

The impact of a quality early childhood teacher lasts a lifetime!

+ What we do

Future Tracks offers an innovative program that brings together university experts, experienced leaders in the early childhood sector, and students studying undergraduate degrees in early childhood teaching. This unique partnership provides authentic opportunities for development and networking that will help participants to spring into their career in the sector!

Students in the Future Tracks program have a unique opportunity to positively impact their community, especially children.

Meet the people who create the change

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