Ignite your future with the Future Tracks Mentoring Program

The Future Tracks mentoring program has been designed with your needs in mind

Many students describe their time with a mentor as priceless! They wouldn’t trade it for anything as there are so many benefits to meeting up with someone in your sector for just a few hours each month.

There are many benefits for students:


Exceptional and well trained mentors who are currently working as early childhood teachers - so they’ve been through what you are going through!


A three-way dynamic learning and sharing environment - with you, another student and your mentor


Flexible monthly face-to-face contact at mutually convenient times - we make it easy


Your mentor and fellow mentee will help you put theory into practice so you can test ideas in a safe and encouraging space

  You will graduate feeling job-ready and well prepared as an early childhood teacher with good foundations for becoming a mentor

We believe that if you have had a great experience with a mentor, you’ll also become a great mentor! 

We want to support the next generation of early childhood professionals with the skills they need to help Australian children flourish. You’ll help children thrive through life!

Every student who is accepted into our program will be given excellent resources to explore their potential and really grow as an exceptional teacher and leader. Future Tracks mentoring is a prestigious program designed by experts to help you develop your professional identity and high quality practice.

An excellent mentor can help to demystify the role of an early childhood teacher. They also become your trusted sounding board - so you can test ideas in a safe space with someone who is genuinely supportive and motivating.