About the mentor program

Equipping the next generation of teachers and leaders through the Future Tracks mentoring program

What makes this unique?

Future Tracks was developed in response to a clear need – to address the shortfall of early childhood teachers and provide strong foundations for young children so they have the best chance to thrive through life.

  • Mentors have been carefully selected and trained by Future Tracks and we match each mentor to two students
  • Peer to peer learning – that’s right, students will be mentored with another student so they can learn from each other’s experiences and backgrounds
  • Future Tracks mentors have the lived experience of being a student as well as years of knowledge being a teacher
  • Mentors and mentees can become champions for change for children and help Future Tracks spread the word about the importance of being an early childhood teacher.

How it works:

1 online  

Excellent training delivered in a blended way with practical face-to-face components supported by online learning.

2 2people  

Once trained, mentors will be matched to two Future Tracks students during the first year of their study.


Each mentor will engage with two students in a three-way dynamic learning relationship so that students benefit from peer-to-peer exchange.


Mentors help students develop their skills, put theory into practice and broaden their understanding of early childhood education.


Both students and mentors agree on an approach and are provided with the tools and resources needed to build strong relationships based on trust and a commitment to strengthening their practice.

‘I see my role as a mentor as really being there for students during the tough times but also learning from their fresh ideas as we explore the three-way mentoring process. Mentees help me to see things from different perspectives and enable me to challenge myself to be more innovative.’

Early childhood mentor