Professional Development for ECEC Professionals

The principles of effective leadership in early education involve recognising and embedding quality practices within day-to-day learning. They hinge on exploring new, distinctive and impactful approaches.

Future Tracks Professional Development program is dedicated to building the capacity of the sector’s existing and future leaders, equipping them with the tools needed to ignite meaningful change.

Learn to ...

  • lead a team and create a positive culture
  • harness, celebrate and embrace innovation
  • have courageous conversations
  • advocate for the sector
  • build resilience
  • develop a growth mindset


  • Experienced educators looking to take their careers to the next level will receive advice, support and knowledge to help them become the most effective early childhood educators they can be.
  • Sector leaders proactively seeking to strengthen the quality of their teams should view Future Tracks as an opportunity to encourage employees to bring new thinking and evidence-based practices into their programs and activities.

Working with Future Tracks helps employers attract the best-of-the-best, by allowing you to clearly demonstrate your commitment to the ongoing professional development of your workforce.

You’ll also help to ensure your community has access to early childhood professionals with the necessary skills to meet the specific needs of its children.

Get yourself on track to become a leader in early childhood education.

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