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Great potential for your organisation.

The Future Tracks Mentoring Program has been created to support the early childhood and care sector with a new cohort of high quality teachers and leaders.


With a sector that is growing and changing, the evidence is clear that mentoring builds resilience and helps teachers educate parents and the community about the value of their practice. Mentors are committed to generating positive outcomes for children through evidence-based professional practice.

Future Tracks is inviting a team of experienced teachers who, through their role as trained mentors, will support the growth and development of students as they secure a bachelor degree in early childhood education.

At the same time, Future Tracks mentors explore their own professional identity and develop the skills to become mentors for colleagues and educators in your organisation.

There are many benefits for organisations

Excellent training and professional development: The training has been developed by experts through a co-design process to support professional development and extend teacher’s skills when putting theory into practice.

Access to a new talent pool: Through Future Tracks, organisations will be able to strengthen their recruitment with access to teachers who have been through a prestigious program.

Paid time release and travel allowance for mentors: Organisations are reimbursed by Future Tracks for monthly mentoring sessions (during the university semester) so the process does not financially impact on the organisation or the mentor.

Flexible hours: The flexibility of the program ensures the timing and location of monthly catch ups suit everyone. We understand the time pressures and demands on your organisation.

Access to research and new topics: Mentors have access to research and teaching themes through our partnerships with leading universities and the students we engage.

Ongoing mentor role: Once trained, mentors can contribute to the growth and professional development of staff and educators within the sector, helping colleagues ensure their teaching strategies and approaches are up-to-date and evidence-based.


‘I was worried about teacher’s time out of the room, but Future Tracks explained the program is flexible and they reimburse us. Now I can see how it will benefit our team, the professional development we can offer and our access to great teachers who have been through a prestigious program. Everyone wins.’

Early childhood centre director