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Australia’s learning and care providers are now recruiting early childhood teachers so that every setting or learning centre has the right ratio of teachers, educators and carers to provide for each child and group of 3, 4 and 5 year olds.

Early childhood teachers have a unique understanding of how children learn. They draw out the strengths of each child in their learning environment and collaborate with carers and educators who have years of experience working with children.

They have have deep knowledge about the way a child’s brain develops so that the program they design is based on solid evidence and neuroscience about how to provide children with high-quality care, equipping them with the skills they need to set them up for a world that is rapidly changing around them.

The benefits to children are well researched internationally. Children who attend preschool are significantly less likely to be behind when they start school and the benefits last all the way through to graduation from high school.

Australia doesn’t have enough teachers to meet community needs and demands at the moment, and the government expects demand for quality and bachelor qualified early childhood teachers to grow hugely by 2020.. While many jobs are being automated in a world that is changing quickly, careers in early learning will always rely on people who care and who can respond to children’s needs.