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In our new webinar, Future Tracks program manager Anita Weber chats to early childhood education experts Catherine Hamm (of La Trobe University) and Danielle Cogley (of Box Hill North Kindergarten) for a discussion on how teachers and educators have maintained key relationships with parents, carers, and children, in the face of challenges brought on by COVID-19. 

Julia Johnston

Monday 31 August 2020


Some tips for early childhood teachers and educators from our experts:

its the small things



Getting to know the different circumstances and context of each child and family is key to enhancing connection.

If Teachers and Educators can develop strategies that consider where children are now, they will be able to more easily engage with parents, carers, and children for the future. 

upskilling families



Teachers and educators should make sure families feel confident to undertake activities and challenges at home with their children.

A good way to ensure children are still connected and learning in COVID-19 is to encourage this to continue at home, and by coming up with activities that are simple, easy, accessible, and fun!  





A big part of maintaining and enhancing connections with children and families is to make sure that parents and carers feel confident in the learning
Whether it be going for a walk, or having 5 minutes quiet-time to engage in a story, it is important that families appreciate the little things when it comes to their child's learning.