The Career

Early childhood education: A growing and dynamic sector

The early childhood education sector is expanding and evolving, as more and more families begin to understand the lifelong impact of early childhood educators and teachers on their children’s development, and the wellbeing of their communities.

If you’re an existing or future early childhood professional, your skills are in high demand! In fact, the Commonwealth Government predicts Australia will need an additional 29,000 early childhood teachers by 2023. It’s an exciting space to work in, and is bursting with opportunities!

Q: What do early childhood professionals do?

A: Early childhood professionals have a fun yet hugely important job. They design play-based, dynamic education programs to equip children with the skills needed to reach their full potential at primary school and beyond. They will use these insights to create approaches to learning that will best-support the development of social, emotional, literacy and numeracy skills.

The best early childhood professionals will design programs that consider the individual needs of each child, as well as the wider group. They will be committed to playing a vital role in recognising when a child needs a bit of extra support or encouragement.

A career to be proud of!

The impact of a quality teacher or educator in early childhood lasts a lifetime! You can be confident your career will make a real difference to Australia today, and long into the future.

Where to from here? The future’s bright! As your skills grow, so do your career options. You can follow an endless range of career pathways including early childhood teaching, leadership roles, and even policy work. 

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