Our Vision & Purpose

Future Tracks helps early childhood teachers (ECTs), educators and leaders enhance the quality and impact of their work

Our programs are designed to enhance and build on the existing knowledge and skills of the early childhood workforce. Future Tracks provides educators with tailored support, resources, networking and professional development opportunities that will help you take the next steps in your career, and stay connected with peers and colleagues across the sector.

We value the deep commitment of Australia’s educators and teachers to the wellbeing and development of children. We are passionate about unlocking new ways of thinking about quality, and what it looks like in practice.

We work with the sector to ensure current and future early childhood teachers and educators are supported throughout their careers – from educators beginning their Bachelor’s Degree through to experienced sector leaders.

The career

The early childhood education sector is expanding and evolving. In Victoria alone, the State Government has predicted that an additional 4,000 teachers will be needed to support the rollout of three-year-old kindergarten. There has never been a better time to become an early childhood educator and teacher.

More and more Australian families are beginning to understand the lifelong impact of education in the early years of a child’s life. Early childhood educators and teachers play a crucial role in this development phase.

Early childhood professionals have a fun yet hugely important job. They design play-based, dynamic education programs to equip children with the skills needed to reach their full potential in the early years and beyond.

Where to from here? The future’s bright! As your skills grow, so do your career options. While Future Tracks works with early childhood educators, teachers and leaders, you can find out more about taking the first step into this career on the ACECQA website.

The Commonwealth Government predicts Australia will need an extra 29,000 early childhood teachers by 2023