How does it work?

The Future Tracks program is unique because it gives young people a seamless and well-supported pathway towards a career that is growing and changing.

Students are mentored, and the program has a leadership focus to help them spark change in the sector and enable them to navigate a range of future career options so that they can develop their skills.

Who can apply?

Anyone with an interest in creating change through early learning can apply. Teaching may be on your definite list or it may be one of many options. Many applicants simply didn’t know that a degree in early childhood teaching even existed and when they discover Future Tracks they realise it’s a great opportunity!

The Future Tracks program is designed to enable students to experience the role of an early childhood teacher as they study and learn.

If you are interested in learning about the first five years of a child’s life and how the brain develops through learning and care, this program is for you.